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SHAREit Download APK For Android Free

SHAREit APK is an old but excellent android application for sharing essential and valuable data from one android device to another. APK is an ideal application for transferring and receiving data from other devices. Application has operated by people all around the world. And has millions of downloaders. The users of this application have given good reactions towards this application. It is not available in the play store. You can install this original application from the website we have mentioned. We must secure your data, so it informed you that many other fake websites provide phony applications that can damage your device; we are here for you with the original piece and many helpful features.

You can easily share your data. It is similar to the app Zapya. Like Zapya, you can connect two devices, and you can send videos, audio, documents, and other apps from another device to your phone. However, this is similar to Zapya, but it contains more features than Zapya. It is more multi-featured than Zapya. It has a virus cleaner, file manager, virus cleaner, Ram booster, and many more.

If you are thinking about your phone storage and the risk of viruses then don’t worry about it. Then Download SHAREit APK because it is providing a virus cleaner you can easily scan and clean the virus from your device. It provides its own file manager where you can secure your personal data. You can hide them. Moreover, you can store your audio and video content and documents as well. The app is more useful for you. It also provides a speedy way to transfer your data. It is an ads-free application you will not be annoyed by the ads during you can open it without any annoying advertisements and comfortably share your data because it totally saves.

shareit Download
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What is SHAREit APK?

Download SHAREit APK and you can transfer any type of data easily with one click. You have to install this application without paying any money just install it and use it. It runs on all android devices It is a fast and safe way to send or receive data. If you have a low-space device then don’t worry because this application is providing a phone cleaner so you can easily manage your data and space. All the people who are using this application are happy and give good compliments.

It is so useful that it has lovers all around the world. APK is providing a sharing way offline as well online. It is a fast way to transfer files videos or audio to other devices. It takes less time to complete the task because of its features, The developer has made it with amazing features that are so helpful while using the application. Many people are searching for it on the play store but it is not available there. It is available on our website all the time. You will find it on our website.

It is a safe application It respects your privacy so it is a completely secure application. It provides a boost-up option You can use this option to clean up junk files and other background work and boost the performance of your device. The application provides you with a video and audio player which is more effective in function than the phone’s own player. You can watch videos without any problems or interference. It is an easy and fast way to share data. There is no need for email and logins just need to install and start transferring files and your important data.

Features of SHAREit APP:

There are many segments of the application that users love. However, try this file-sharing app on your device. Then how great features it provides to its users. And now you can Download SHAREit APP from Playstore because the application has been removed. Besides, we have given the apk on our platform for free. Directly, we will jump into the unique components of the application.

  • It has a file manager
  • A virus cleaner 
  • Phone booster
  • Space cleaner
  • Ads free
  • Fast sharing speed
  • Transmission summary
  • Free to download
  • No logging & Registration


The SHAREit APK is an excellent application for transferring data from one device to another. Send and receive videos, documents, audio, etc. And the app is a speedy way which speeds up your data sharing. Indeed, it provides many features like a virus cleaner, space cleaner, phone booster, and file manager. Moreover, it also provides you with the transmission summary and will provide you with a safe way to transfer and receive data.

It is ads free application; you can use it comfortably. You can quickly transfer videos, audio documents, and files from one device to another by connecting two devices. It is a safe way to share essential data from your phone. It protects your privacy. We also shared Facebook like increase applications also check the app for auto FB likes.

If you are interested, download it from our website and use it. Because all around the world people use this application for sharing video and audio files. Hence If you find it a good application, then give us feedback. Thanks for your precious time.